Pashu Seva Kendra

Pashu Seva Kendra

For the smooth operation, administration and implementation of various activities of the corporation corporation needs educational, mentality, physical form, disciplined, result oriented results and good personality and aggressive persons with effective personality.

The process of selection in the corporation is done as follows with full transparency.

1. Publication of advertisement through major news papers.

2. Application received.

3. Examining application form and preparing district wise list of them.

4. Preparation of priority list based on the marks of equivalent qualification of the post.

5. As per preference, invite the eligible applicants for interview by shortlisting the post in the list.

6. To train the selected applicants as per the schedule.

7. Providing appointment after training.

Note: - Only result-oriented  of disciplined and only good results are the abilities to stay in corporation only. If a person does not have these  qualities then he can not discharge his duties at the position at the time he is nominating, then it will not be possible for him to remain in that position.