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Management system of BPNL

Organizational structure is employed in the corporation as follows.



The majority of the corporation was elected by the board of directors. The corporation gets the right to make important decisions, permit new schemes, pay the wages, make changes in rules and can make decisions on any  kind of dispute.


The numbers of corporation are according to the departments, they are responsible and accountable for different departments.

Animal service center manager

In the village panchayat, to open the Pashu Seva Kendra, Dr Verghese select the 10th pass youngster and provide the training at Kurien Memorial Livestock Development Training Center for  the Animal Husbandry Worker (AHW), after training, that youth can start Animal Husbandry Center in Gram Panchayat. The sales service of the veterinary center is ensured. This recruitment is done from time to time.


District Manager

In each state there is one Corportion at every district level. The work of corporation is to ensure the sale of the corporation's products at the district level, to open new animal service centers in the village panchayats, directives and control the development authorities. And the recruitment of corporation is done from time to time.
In addition to this, the Dr. Virus Kurien Memorial Livestock Development Training Center is working as a training unit of the corporation and the management system is as follows.
1. Centrifugal
2. Education Prize
3. Trainer
4. Computer operator
5. Office assistant
In each  states, the  one central assistant at each district level with  two education promotions, two instructors, one computer operator and one office assistant at each tehsil level are prescribed.


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